Wizard of Oz Costumes

If you are looking for Wizard of Oz costumes, our suppliers at Costumes Canada have it all including both Halloween and party outfits and also plus-size and sexy ones adults. Our suppliers, who ship quickly and cheaply to Canada, also sell versions of all of your favorite characters including Dorothy, the Wicked Witch, the Good Witch, the Cowardly Lion, the ScareCrow and the Tin Man. The Adult versions of the Dorothy, Good With and other outfits are low-cut with a thigh high skirt and tulle. Both male and female costumes are realistic, comfortable and well-tailored so that you do not look like you are wearing a cheap costume and theatrical costumes are also available. Our costume suppliers also have wonderful Wizard of Oz costumes for toddlers and infants and demure Dorothy and witch costumes for teens, tweens and children. . Costumes Canada also prides itself on the safety and well-tailored fit of our supplier's costumes.

Toddler Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Costume buy @ HalloweenCostumes
Toddler Wizard of Oz Tin Man Costume buy @ HalloweenCostumes
Cowardly Lion Badge of Courage - Wizard of Oz Accessory buy @ HalloweenCostumes
Wizard of Oz Candy Pail buy @ HalloweenCostumes
Women Wizard of Oz Dorothy Ruby Red Slipper Anklet Socks buy @ HalloweenCostumes
Wizard of Oz Knee High Ruby Slipper Witch Socks buy @ HalloweenCostumes

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