Tinker Bell Costumes

Is it you or your little girl's wish to dress up as Tinker Bell for Halloween or some other special occasion like a birthday party? Costumes Canada has partnered with some of the most reputable costume manufacturers and suppliers online to bring you both innocent and sexy versions of the beloved character from the story and the movie “Peter Pan”. What really makes completes a costume is the character's signature magic wand and wings. Our sellers have many versions of this outfit for todders, little girls, tweens and teens. There is also a sexy version with a very short skirt for adults. Of course all of these costumes are in Tinkerbell's favorite color – lime green. This is one of those costume themes that can be dressed even better with glittering crowns, deluxe and other accessories. When it comes to dressing up as one of America's favorite fairies Costume Canada has it all. Our entire vendor partners ship to Canada.

Peter Pan Girls Cute Tinker Bell Costume buy @ HalloweenCostumes
Peter Pan Tinker Bell Pet Dog Costume buy @ HalloweenCostumes
Tinker Bell: Classic Tink and The Fairy Rescue Costume buy @ HalloweenCostumes
Tinker Bell Deluxe Infant Costume | Fairy Costumes buy @ HalloweenCostumes
Girls Tinker Bell Rainbow Costume buy @ HalloweenCostumes

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