Skin Suit Costumes

Skinsuits are easy and convenient Halloween costumes. You simply slip the stretchy suit on and you are immediately transformed into a character. Stretchy Halloween suits can make you look like you are a walking skeleton, wearing a tuxedo or like a Crash Test Dummy. You can also skin suits in solid colors such as green, blue and orange. These suits come in all sizes for all ages including plus-size and toddler size. Sexy adult versions for women come in tie-dye, webbed, spotted, leopard, stripes, nude (making you look naked!) and other whimsical designs. All of sellers of skinsuits on Costumes Canada can ship them to you overnight. Skinsuit costumes are especially safe because they do not have a lot of hems or dragging pieces of cloths that can catch on fence posts. Many of them are neon in color or have fluorescent details, which makes it easier for your child to be seen at night.

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