Oct 062013

By Kevin Elliott

Big is beautiful especially on Halloween, which is a day that offers plus size women the opportunity to strut their stuff in some of the spectacular sexy costumes that are being offered for larger women these days. Gone are the days when plus-size women were encouraged to cover everything up with a caftan. Today’s fabrics and clever designs have given plus-size women the option of dressing in tight and alluring costumes that show off every curve.

When it comes to Plus Size Sexy Halloween costumes plus women have the same options as smaller women. The main thing is to think carefully about what part of the body is your sexiest feature and make the most of that. For instance, larger women usually have a wonderful cleavage to show off. Choosing a costume with a bodice that uplifts your assets can augment this busty look. This type of bodice is a popular feature of many Halloween character plus costumes even if it is not normally part of it. For instance, plus-size of women can get nurse uniforms, police uniforms and fireman costumes that have an inbuilt supportive bodice. Witch, vampire and gypsy costumes also lend themselves naturally to having a bodice.

Sexy Plus Size Costume For WomenPlus size women can also make any costume sexier by shortening the hem. If that is not a comfortable option for you wearing then very high-heels and fish-net stockings can help you look more sultry.

Then there is a matter of what kind of plus-size you want to be for Halloween. Plus Size women can look sultry or demure. If you want to cover up a bit more of your figure then demure character costumes are recommended. You can dress up as a sexy Dorothy from Wizard of OZ, Pocahontas or as a jitter-bugging fifties Dancing Queen.

However dressing as a wicked and wayward woman can be a lot of fun for a plus-size woman. Consider dressing as a Vampire with bloody red lips, a sexy Fembot in pink lingerie or as Cat Woman.

There are also many attractive plus-size costumes available for larger women that follow the theme of the uniform. Most Halloween costumes for nurses, limo drivers, cops and firewomen boast shorter hems, a low-cut top and sexy accessories like handcuffs and stethoscopes.

One of the sexiest things you can do is add a pair of ears to your outfit. That is the secret to the plus-size Cocktail Bunny’s success. Dressing up like a cat, Minnie Mouse or an alien with antennae gives you more allure. Attaching a wiggling tuft of fur or long tail to your rear also makes you look sexier, especially if you are wearing the heels and ears.

Don’t forget how much the right make-up can add to your allure. Attach false eyelashes, wear glitter and wear the reddest lips and nails you have ever dared to wear to increase your sex appeal. Wigs, whips, chains and feathers can also send a big sexy message if they are worn properly as accessories. See all our Sexy Plus Size Costumes by clicking here.

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