Sep 272013

By Kevin Elliott

What’s the point of going on out Halloween looking like a hag when you can use the opportunity of this holiday to dress up as sexy as possible? This is your day, as the line from The Rocky Horror Picture show goes, to “Don’t Dream It. Be It!”

When it comes to sexy Halloween costumes women have a lot of options. The idea is too think initially about what makes any costume sexy. Usually “the devil is in the details.” Look for costumes with thigh high hemlines, a low cut bodice, a bit of tulle and wigs that give you long flowing hair. Although most Halloween costumes don’t come with footwear you can make any costume sexier by simply wearing your highest heels with fishnets.

Sexy Costume Ideas for WomenThen there is a matter of what kind of sexy you want to be. Halloween costumes for women usually fall into two categories: sweet and innocent or sultry and wicked.

In the sweet and innocent category women have all kinds of categories to choose from including fairies (like Tinkerbell or Glenda the Good Witch), wide-eyed anime characters (like Sailor Moon or Hello Kitty) or Princess (like Pocahontas, Sleeping Beauty and Princess Leia.) The best way to make these costumes sexier is to shorten the hem, add fishnets and heels and wear a lot of make-up.

In the sultry and wicked category you have witch costumes of all time. You can wear the hat, shorten the skirt and carry a little broom. Sexy villains fall into this category. Start thinking along the lines of Catwoman, The Snow Queen, Cruella De Ville, Madame Borgia and the like. Sexy vampires also fall into the sexy and wicked category. Be sure to bare your cleavage and wear the reddest lipstick and nail polish that you can find.

Another common take is to dress up in an everyday uniform. You will be super-seductive dressed up as a female astronaut, cop, fireman, limo driver or nurse. Sexy Nurse costumes made out of tight-fitting latex are a popular choice and the classic French Maid’s costume with a bodice and short skirt never goes out of style.

You should also not dismiss the sexual innuendo implied by dressing up in a sexy animal costume. Studies have shown that males are very attracted to women wearing any kind of ears. This is includes bunny ears, cat ears and Mickey Mouse ears. The same thing goes for tails. Attach a waving tail or a fluffy pom pom to your bottom for maximum sex appeal. Long nails are also sexy because subliminally they remind us of the long claws of a sexy animal.

No sexy Halloween costume idea is complete without having the right makeup. Fake eyelashes, glitter and “come hither’ shades of lipstick can help you complete your look so that you look as alluring as possible.

Any Halloween costume can be made sexy simply by just using a bit of imagination and tucking, shortening and tightening costumes so that they reveal just a tad more than usual! See all our Sexy Costumes by clicking here.

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