Mar 022014

By Kevin Elliott

You are the type of parent who encourages your children to try new things. You want your children to be involved in a wide range of extracurricular activities; so when your son wanted to try his hand at the theater, you searched out as many opportunities as possible and he is now going to be in his school play and your church congregation’s play. Your daughter, on the other hand, is in her third year of dance. She enjoys experiencing the arts through music and dance and you encourage her involvement. You are more than happy to schedule your life around play tryouts, practices, dance practices and recitals, but what you do not love is trying to compete with all the other parents who are sewing wizards (really, they seem like they use magic, especially that one mother who was able to make a fully functional flowering tree out of completely recycled materials…. Who does that?). You have decided to make your life a whole lot easier and purchase your costumes for school plays, church plays, and dance recitals through the sites you find through out out site.


Shepherd CostumesWith the sewing competition element out of the equation for you as a parent, you are free to browse our site and find great deals on just about any costume you might need for your child. You can find just the right look for Easter Concerts, get your ‘meow’ on with the best costume for an original rendition of Cats, or be able to properly portray the lion or scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz. It really won’t scare you if your son comes home with the most ambiguous part in a play, because you don’t have to make another costume anymore! You can just focus your time and efforts on reading lines with him, making sure the video camera has charged batteries, and just enjoying the play.

Dance Recitals

Just as you have been able to begin enjoying the world of play audition, practices, and shows, you are also applying the same ‘buy it, don’t make it’ principle to your daughter’s dance costumes and outfits. While you don’t encounter as much competition in the sewing arena with dance costumes, it can be very time consuming to try to sew 5,481 sequins and 26 meters of tulle on a stretchy leotard or tutu. With the help of the cosumes found thoughout or site, fast and easy shipping to all of Canada, and a wide selection of costumes, you are always able to find the piece of clothing you need for your daughter’s dance recital, whether it is a beautiful, sparkly dance specific item or a dance-themed costume, such as the costumes used for The Nutcracker.


So, remember to simplify your life as much as possible and look on this website for any of your upcoming school plays, church plays, and dance recitals. You will be glad that you did when you are enjoying a nice caramel latte instead of frantically re-threading your sewing machine and cursing the bobbin for the 90th time.

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