Aug 242013

By Kevin Elliott

When it comes to popular costumes for kids try looking for inspiration in pop-culture. Kids like looking like anime stars, television stars and pop stars. They also like dressing up like cartoons or characters from video games. If you shop online for Halloween costumes you can decide on the right costume to wear for Halloween together.

For girls the anime style of dressing up in a short pled skirt, high boots and pigtails will be very popular again. The idea is to look like Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter or any of the cartoon anime teens. Boys of all ages will once again be dressing up like karate or Zen Buddhist masters complete with white robes and a black belt.

Popular Costumes for KidsBoth girls and boys like to dress up like famous singing stars that they have seen live or on television. Expect to see a few Justin Biebers and Justin Timberlakes walking around this Halloween. A bright blue wig can transform a little girl instantly into singing sensation Katy Perry. A turquoise, pink or white wig paired with a glittery gown helps your girl look like Lady Gaga. Many young girls would also like to dress up like Rihanna or like Adele. For inspiration just look at any of the music videos made by the more popular rock stars.

Little girls also really enjoy dressing up like both real and fairy-tale princesses. She might enjoy dressing up as Kate Middleton or as Snow White or Pocahantas. Boys prefer dressing up like warriors from classic Greek myths. They look good dressed in togas and crowns carrying scepters and rubber weapons.

Pirate themes suit both little girls and boys with the hip look of Captain Jack Sparrow being a huge inspiration. All it takes is a pirate shirt, gold jewelry and some black eyeliner to have your child looking just like Jack Black. Little girls look great in the gypsy style dresses that were seen in those films as well.

Teddy bear costumes are likely to be popular this year because of the popularity of the TED movie by Seth McFarland last year. Dressing like a big Teddy Bear is likely to be on the minds of tweens and teens.

Vampires and witches are very big themes for Halloween as usual. The theme is more prevalent than ever thanks to the popularity of the Moth Diaries and the Twilight series of films.

Little boys can dress up like Harry Potter or any of the creatures of the night and monsters seen in horror classics such as the Joker from Batman, Freddie Kreuger or the killer from Scream.

The popularity of zombie movies has made zombie characters popular with kids of all ages. Girls like to dress up as attractively as possible even though they may be wearing skull make-up or carrying an axe. Boys will want to look as gory as possible with lots of fake blood.

If it all possible avoid dressing your child in costumes that have masks as that can obscure their vision. Use make-up instead of a mask if it is at all possible.

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