Mar 082014

The Easter holiday is celebrated around the world in a variety of ways. From Easter Egg Hunts in your town or perhaps even in your own backyard, to lavish holiday dinners celebrating this special time of year, to religious gatherings where groups come together to worship and celebrate; Easter continues to holds its position as a timeless tradition celebrated by adults and children of all ages.

Easter Bunny Costume

Childhood itself is such a magical and imaginative time of life. Santa Clause, the Tooth Fair, the Easter Bunny….all of the characters of dreams and make believe from our youth, working together to weave a fabric of endless possibilities and fairy tale wishes. Make fantasy a reality for your child by bringing the Easter Bunny to your Easter celebration this year.

Make Lasting Holiday Memories

The Easter Bunny is nostalgic – a timeless character that is part of all our collective childhood memories. The huge floppy ears, brightly colored bowtie, oversized feet and fuzzy tail are instantly recognizable to children around the world.

Bring elation and magic through the instant recognition of the surprise appearance of the Easter Bunny at your next holiday event. Instead of renting, consider purchasing your own Easter Bunny costume. It’s such a classic and traditional look, when you purchase your own Easter Bunny costume, you can be sure that it will be something you’ll be able to use for years to come during the Easter holiday season.

Magic that Last All Year Long

When you have your own Easter Bunny costume, you can enjoy the fun of portraying this childhood icon all year long. Not only will your costume be a smash at your local Easter Egg Hunt or backyard celebration, but it is the perfect piece for adding giggles and wide smiles to the faces of both children and adults at church celebrations, events and sing-a-longs during the holiday.

Think the Easter Bunny only comes out once year? Well think again! When you have your own costume, the Easter Bunny can make cameo appearances all year long at birthday parties, Halloween soirees, office gatherings, pageants, fun runs or anywhere else you want to have fun and bring along the feeling of cheer.

Add Joy to Your Volunteer Efforts

For many of us, volunteering is an integral part of our everyday lives and a huge part of how we stay connected with our communities and social circles. Many events are more celebrations than simply volunteer working events, and as such, are open to creative expression like dressing up, incorporating singing and dancing or even sharing handmade goods and craft creations.

Think of how much more fun it would be to have the Easter Bunny handing out bake goods as your next school bake sale, visiting families at your local hospice or helping to pack up goods and gifts for service members overseas at a local military sponsored events.

The fun and flexibility that comes with having your own costume is never ending and the memories you’ll make along the way are truly priceless. And remember all of our partners ship to Canada so browse through our collection of Easter Bunny Costumes now.

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