Aug 292013

By Kevin Elliott

Halloween costumes for babies have become even more adorable than ever thanks to advances in design and technology that have allowed them to be soft and comfortable yet more three-dimensional than ever. This has led to a new trend in baby Halloween costumes to dress up the child as an object or an abstract concept rather than as a character or animal.

Cutest Baby CostumesOne big trend is use the costume as a bunting bag. The infant is zipped up completely in a sack that is decorated to look like something else such as a bag of money, a can of soup or a spider with waving arms. You can easily unzip this costumes to cuddle the baby if its upset or change its diapers.

One-piece jumpsuits with hoods padded feet are also a popular and easy option for moms who just want to slip a costume on a child and just forget about it. These costumes are great because they allow you to get the child in and out of a costume as fast as possible. There are numerous versions of this type of costume available and your choices as to what kind of character you want to dress your child as are almost endless. Furry versions of this type of one-piece outfit can be used to dress our child as a bunny, tiger, owl, gorilla or doggy. Your child can be dressed up to look like a giant daisy, a pumpkin or a “Lil’ Devil.”

You can also get very detailed costumes that consist of tops, skirts, special shoes and accessories. Imagine dressing your little boy up as a fisherman complete with a fishing rod or as a little Vampire complete with suit and long cape with velvet red collar. Imagine your little girl dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood, a female pirate or any of the Disney Princesses.

One of the most sought after looks for baby girls is the costume that includes a very short tulle ballerina skirt. This tuft instantly makes any child dressed as a princess or any other character look cuter than ever.

Baby boys look great dressed up as aliens, monsters or characters from the Star Trek Movies. Just make sure that if the costume is furry, as would be the case if the child were dressed up as Chewbacca or a bear, that he or she does not get too hot. The same thing goes for the thinner costumes that are made of rayon; make sure the child does not get too cold.

Perhaps the paramount consideration when choosing a baby costume would be safety. Be sure to buy from a reputable manufacturer that uses safe, non-toxic, fire retardant materials. It is also important that the costume fit well so that the baby does not get caught up or tangled in the clothing. The costume should also not have small parts that come loose like pom poms or buttons that pop off when pulled. Buy costumes that have hoodies and do not choose ones with masks that can obscure the baby’s vision or ability to breathe.

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