Sep 152013

By Kevin Elliott

A man’s options for what he would like to dress as for Halloween are almost limitless. You can dress as sexy, scary, monstrous, funny or even just as an abstract concept or object. Think outside the box and consider dressing up like a pencil, a 100-dollar bill or the brand of your favorite chocolate bar.

2013 Halloween Costume Ideas for Men

If you want to look human then men’s Halloween costumes generally fall into two categories; heroes or anti-hero. In both categories your options include dressing as a hero or a villain from blockbuster movies like Spider Man, Star Trek, Star Wars, The Avengers. Nowadays you can buy tailored simple highly realistic costumes to dress like Batman, The Joker, Hans Solo, Darth Vader, The Green Lantern, Spiderman and many more. You can also dress as a more whimsical hero like Harry Potter or Peter Pan.

Men also have their choice of looking sexy on Halloween. Most women love a man in a uniform so consider dressing up like a fireman, policeman or delivery boy. Another sexy option is to dress up like a rock star or like a sexy shipmate right out of Pirates of the Caribbean. In fact you can’t go wrong dressing up for any role played by Johnny Depp or Tom Cruise. Girls love the Edward Scissorhands, James Bond and Vampire Lestat looks. Other costume ideas that have a romantic twist to them are poet, milkman or Roman God. Dressing like the Hulk or an Iron man can also help you show off a muscular build.

There are also many historical figures from history that you can dress as that also gives you that lady-killer image. Consider dressing up as Lord Byron, Jim Morrison from the Doors or Robin Hood.

More neutral is the video games genre of male Halloween dressing, which includes dressing up like an Angry Bird, Pac-Man or Angry Bird. A similar approach is to dress up like a sports team mascot. Mascot costumes that are widely available include bobcats, bulldogs, bumble bees, puppies, beavers, bunnies, chickens and cows. In both cases these costumes tend to have very large masks that fit completely over the head. When buying these it is important to be reassured that these masks allow you to breathe and do not obstruct your vision. Taking off the full head mask of a mascot costume every now and then is recommended so that you do not overheat.

If your goal is to look humorous there is no shortage of funny ideas as to what to dress up as for Halloween. For inspiration you only have to look at the latest funniest videos on You Tube or see who is the latest buffoon in the news.

The ultimate look has to be for a man and his dog. If you want to dress your pup up in a matching costume consider dressing up as Batman with your dog as Robin or as being the Groom to your Dog’s Bride costume. This type of outfit is a real conversation starter at parties.

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