Jul 032014

By Kevin Elliott

A great mascot is the thing of legends. They cheer on teams, support groups, develop personalities of their own and become brand spokespersons. However, for many schools and non-profit groups, finding the budget for an inspirational and identifiable mascot costume is simply something that is out of reach.

But finding a quality mascot costume that isn’t rented, isn’t completely generic with no personal characteristics and that will fit a smaller budget is actually much more attainable and more of a sound financial investment than many organizations realize.

Advantages to Buying Off the Shelf

Mascot Costume

Renting a mascot costume has been the standard mode of operation for schools, churches, marathons and other non-profits for years. However when comparing the cost of purchasing an off the shelf mascot costume to continually renting one for events, purchasing a costume that will be worn more than once is actually more financially fiscal.

As with many products, buying off the shelf has tons of advantages. Unlike custom costumes, buying a costume off the shelf provides a more immediate fulfillment. Quite often companies have a vast inventory, which means the costume is most likely available to ship quickly.

Not only does the larger inventory mean you’ll receive your costume faster, but there are more sizes to select from, often more variations and typically they are lower in price.

Perfect Solution for Schools and Charitable Organizations

Costumes and uniforms are a huge expense for schools and organizations, but they are part of creating an overall experience for an event. Having to have multiple sizes to select from, back-up options and ample amounts to go around is a large order for fill for any group. But just like with uniforms, mascot costumes are also a must have item.

Instead of spending thousands on multiple custom designed mascot costumes, explore the options available with an off the shelf costume. With a typically lower price point, it is more likely that you can purchase multiple options and sizes for the price of one customized costume.

Versatility, Variety and Seasonality

When purchasing a mascot off the shelf, you’ll have a variety selection to choose from when it comes to facial expressions, colors and styles. Since the retailer is serving such a large audience, the variety they will have in stock is going to be greater than that of a local or brick-and-mortar custom shop.

By simply incorporating a few props like hats, scarves, sweaters or t-shirts, your off the shelf mascot costume becomes immediately customized for your organization. You can also transition your costume through seasons and holidays with added accessories. Adding a few accessories will also bring your mascot to life and help to create a unique personality.

With so many options to choose from and the endless versatility available, it makes sound financial sense for any school or organization to purchase their mascot costume off the shelf instead of renting or paying the high cost of a custom costume. And remember all of our partners ship to Canada so browse through our collection of Mascot Costume now.

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