Sep 082013

By Kevin Elliott

Adults would get the chance of replaying their childhood days and join their children this Halloween by dressing up in any of their favorite costumes. In fact they are encouraged and coaxed to wear. It could be possible that they may not get ready to wear costumes in any outlets but they could create their own costumes that are not only comical but would win the hearts of everybody around. Halloween is not just being frightful or scary. Other than the scary Halloween costumes like monsters and characters nowadays people prefer changes and are imitating even famous personalities from TV, sports and movies.

A few 2013 Halloween Costumes Ideas for adults are as follows

2013 Halloween Costumes Ideas for adults

1. Flintstones: Who whould love to go back in time and dress up as Fred or Wilma or their side kicks Barney and Betty some of the cartoon characters from the Flintstones on the lives of early humans. You can make these costumes yourself or they can be purchased. The costume is a single one piece skin. You could use the characters as you wish and it would work well for families or couples.

2. Popeye: You don’t have to be a spinach lover or will not have to eat any spinach. You will not need the muscles that the cartoon sailor develops. You can get the Popeye costume online or in retail outlets. The costume includes the sailor collar shirt, pants, belt, sailor hat, and tattoo on the right muscle arms. The muscle arms replace the arms the Popeye develops after drinking spinach.

3. Star Trek next generation uniform: This is also one of the top seen sci-fiseries on the television. The costume includes gold shirt, pips and emblem of the star trek. You could also buy the phaser gun made of hard plastic and the phaser which is a copy of the defense weapons used by the official Starfleet team. But these plastic items will have no light or sound effect that you find in the TV series.

4. Disco: One of the most sought after adult costume this year id Disco Costumes that includes glitziest, the grooviest paints and shirts and do not forget about the wig.

There are many more ideas 2013 Halloween Costumes Ideas for adults that women could put together with help from Costumes Canada. You can also find couple or group costumes too. You can come up with some new ideas if you browse Costumes Canada and you will find some imaginative characters too like a cell phone or a Angry Bird or M& M costume.

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