Sep 292014

By Kevin Elliott

Kids CostumeHalloween is a great time for costume parties for the older Boys and Girls especially. Finding the right costume is essential for young girls. There are so many choices from a Valley Girl, Hippie or even a Saloon Dancer. Check out the many styles of Witches we offer. Along with several types of Mummies and Zombies. There is even an abundance of Monster High Girls costumes to choose from. Everyone loves the Twilight Saga, which are available in different character costumes as well. Super Heroes never go out of style with the different heroes to choose from. Super Heroes can be sassy, cute or confident. Now, the 80’s look is a unique look for young people. With the classic Nerd to the Celebrity look-alike, we have it all. Clowns and more Clowns, we have Funny Clowns and Creepy Clowns. Let them dress as one of their favorite Movies, whether it be Star Wars or Star Trek. We haven’t forgotten the Military with our many styles and sizes. Let your kids choose from the many Occupational costumes we have available. Try out one of the Mario Brothers in full get up for some fun. For a fun way to keep their friends guessing choose a masked costume. Disney is always a popular choice with so many characters and stories create many costumes. The Transformers offer a lot of different costumes to choose from in many different colors as well. Costumes can be cute, ugly, funny, or scarey, the choice is all up to you.

Themes or Pairs

Get in the spirit with creative costumes. If there is a theme their as in Haunting, then look no further. There are a lot of cute to young adult costumes and themes like “Renaissance” that your kids could go together as a group. Everyone loves Ninjas and Pirates and they come as male and female costumes. If you want to pair your kids with their special friend, then the he and she Devils would work. Or try out the Cowgirl and Cowboy look. Even matching Angry Bird costumes would be definitely eye-catching. Let them try the Gangster and Police theme which is complete with hats. If your kids love Scooby Doo, we have the perfect characters to choose from. We also have the Flintstones and several types Lone Rangers. Just have fun with costumes of every color of the rainbow, there is even several Rainbow costumes to choose from.


For the serious costume party we have the Theatrical costumes, which would be perfect for that play also. We offer the Ghost, Vampire, Devil, Pirate, Queens and even Princes. Let’s not forget the Super Heroes that are available in the Theatrical design. These designs are as authentic as a costume could be in quality and looks. You can also find your favorite Movie Character from the Avengers to Star Wars. These costumes look just like the characters all they are missing is you.

Your children can be scary, funny, bold, or cute. There are capes, hats, wigs, and many other accessories available. The ideas for costumes are endless, so keep looking through our large kids costume selection.

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