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Want a way to find costumes without having to search through endless costume sites? Want to be able to find the costume, go to the site and purchase it – without all those extra charges? Want to look the best Halloween night because you had the best selection of costumes to choose from?

You do not have to look any further!

Here, we provide you with an extensive selection of costumes for every occasion from numerous Canadian friendly websites that sell them. The best part is that you will not have to worry about paying extra for those costumes – pay the price that is listed for the costume. Hidden fees are not our thing. Each of our costume partners are all Canadian friendly, so you can expect to be able to receive your costume in a timely manner, while also being able to pay with your preferred method of payment.

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Helping Canadians Find the Perfect Costume

Finding a costume shouldn't have to be difficult. It should be fun, you should get excited with the anticipation of being able to be something you actually want to be – not just what you can find at the time. With this in mind, search our extensive selection. Save the costumes you love, pass by the ones you might not want to be and be sure to share the ones that you think your friends would love to be! With so many costumes, you can be sure to find something for everyone on your list.

Dress little ones up in the available costumes. With everything from their favorite characters to cute animals, they can be what they have always wanted to be for the Halloween season. Let them choose something that they love, but also something that you know you're spending your money wisely on – since all of the costumes are affordable, but also high quality.

If you're wondering what you're able to get when it comes to costumes, just use your imagination. Put together the ultimate super hero costume, be a princess for the night, a dragon or a cow, cave woman or someone from the 20's, 30's or 50's. You choose what you are, which means you can take your time or if you already know – go straight to the search bar and find exactly what it is that you want.

Purchasing your costumes online provides numerous benefits. Not only can you shop right from the comfort of your home, at any time of the day or night – but you can look without having to worry about the store having to close. Take your time, feel confident in your decision and even compare costumes while you're shopping online. Find affordable prices, high quality costumes and get them before Halloween is around the corner. Online shopping provides convenience when you need it the most. You're also saving money by not having to put it in your car for gas to get to the store. Enjoy online shopping, take your time and know exactly what it is that you're getting.

Take a look through the many costume options that are out there. Feel good about the choice that you make and know that you've made the right one – after all, you need to be the best dressed at the party. We can help you make that happen since we've partnered with a lot of large costume stores throughout North America.

Shop now, scare later!

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Costumes Canada

Welcome to the Costumes Canada Online Catalog. Our site is about helping you find the right costume for any occasion. We are partners with the most creative, clever and on-trend costume providers in North America.

We have managed to find the best costumes for adults and children for Halloween. Beat the rush at the local mall and browse our selection of costumes online. Take advantage of the convenience of ordering and paying for your costume well ahead of the holiday and without having to take a step outside your home. Never be disappointed because the costume that you wanted is only available in the wrong size or sold out!

Shipping & Ordering

At Costumes Canada work hard to pre-screen all the merchants listed on our sites for their Canadian shipping options, prices and reliability, so enjoy your time visiting CostumesCanada.ca knowing that all costumes displayed are available to be shipped to Canada with reasonable shipping options.

All of the sellers recommended by Costume Canada ship to Canada and take major credit cards. Do not be afraid of taking advantage of our unique service, we have done all of the costume searching for you and found the most interesting, affordable and safe costumes available anywhere!